Love Crumbs – Ellipses

Photo: Nathan Oldham

Love Crumbs? Love? Crumbs? How can you love crumbs when they get down the back of the sofa and take ages to clean up weeks after you just had a single biscuit? My audition as a 1970s comedian (or Peter Kay) over, here’s some great folk-style music for you.

Impossible to resist, the American outfit do a great job of telling their story – inspired by a tale as old of modern mobile phone technology. The title comes from guitarist and songwriter Michael Dubuque being left on read and seeing those three frustrating dots bouncing and never actually getting a response. The absolute definition of a modern first world problem and yet one that drives us all mad.

21st century upset matched with a sound that could have come from pretty much anywhere in the past half-century, this has got a real good thing going you know. Or has it… Yes, it has.


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