JAWS – Untitled

Photo: Peter Lally

Is it lazy to not bother with naming a track? Or is this post-modernism in action? Either way, it doesn’t really matter what the reason is when JAWS are back with something as shining and enticing like this – as it pulls me in like a magpie who has just spotted the mother lode.

With their first release in two years, the sadly sharkless Brummies have signalled an intent to get back at it and there’s a tour on the way later this year along with a photo book. This ‘untitled’ (or is it titled now?) track comes from the sessions for their 2019 album The Ceiling and perhaps is best served acting as a very attractive teaser for what’s to come in the rest of 2021.

They’ll be back on the road soon enough so keep an eye out for a great white as you drive down the M4. Do you reckon they’re tired of the terrible shark jokes and references after all these years? Fin.


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