ViVii – Smackdown

Photo: Alexander Antser

Swedish trio ViVii (I assume pronounced V V, and not just the Roman numerals for 6 and 7 squashed together) have good something pretty dreamy going on that’ll let a light breeze in through the window, carrying a pleasant melody upon it.

Historically speaking, smack downs have traditionally been somewhat more violent and aggressive than this track that floats like a butterfly far more than it stings like a bee. It’s filled with a sense of freedom, with the band’s love of the Beach Boys and music from years gone by that they hold close to their hearts. Thoroughly detailed and full of real beauty, it’s easy to lose yourself in this winding musical spiral.

Close your eyes, lie flat on your back and do that deep breathing stuff that’s meant to be good for your temperament. It’s time for a deep cleanse and this is just the kind of music to do it to.


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