UV-TV – Always Something

You know when you’re leaving home and there’s a feeling that you’ve forgotten a key element in the process? I swear, every single time there’s ‘Always Something’ and maybe this song is a sign that UV-TV agree. Or maybe it’s a coincidence.

They’re not singing about lost keys or that letter you’ve been meaning to post for weeks (I mean, why would they be?), rather their debonair attitude seems to be more of a philosophical complex than a simple case of being unorganised. This song is an absolute mess in all the best ways, completely ragged and with guitars strewn everywhere across the floor rather than being carefully put away. The rises and falls give you time to breathe between giving yourself in entirely to this scrappy little blinder.

In many ways this is the epitome of coolness, while I’m just sat here trying to work out where I left my glasses. Every. Damn. Time.


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