Nicholson Heal – Apophenia

Swan yourself down to Bristol and keep shouting out Nicholson Heal until you get an answer. That’ll be your tour guide for the weekend sorted, and if the tour is half as good as the casual indie pop music that he makes you’ll be in for an absolute treat.

It’s no race around the city, but a mellowed out stroll that takes in all kinds of surroundings influence, to produce an experience that feels good for the soul. This welcoming feeling will stay with you long after you’ve filled in your TripAdvisor review and marked it down as ‘Will definitely listen again and recommend to all my friends’. If you’re not feeling too stingy, it’s probably an idea to give a pretty decent tip too.

For clarity, the name is both of a man and the band. Nice and confusing, but at least you only have to remember two words when you’re saying how much of a brilliant time you had.


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