crush – chewed

One of my biggest gripes from the last year is that I’m getting more and more food stuck in my teeth. Like, in one specific spot where that pesky morsel has no real space to get stuck in and yet finds space every time. Chewed. This song is called chewed. And it is by a band called crush, so just be thankful I’m not writing about any teenage fantasies.

Speaking of fantasies, this song could have been crafted by fairies – it has an otherworldly character that sets it adrift, floating away like a balloon that’s just absolutely wrecked a child’s day out at the fair. You can’t beat a bit of shoegaze on a sunny day, even if you’re dressed in shorts without any black clothing or hair spray in sight. This track will capture your imagination, twist your head like a melon (they’re a Mancunian band, of course) and spit you out to leave you feeling uncertain about everything except the fact you want another listen.

Glisten away in the sun as this sparkles in your ears, changing your day for the better. And buy organically sound dental floss – you never know when it might come in handy.


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