VC Pines – Concrete

Photo: Joe Hunt

This EP is my favourite release of 2021 so far. Nothing else comes close, as evidenced by how often my partner has to ask me to stop playing VC Pines during dinner because she’s trying to have a conversation which isn’t possible when I’m this distracted. Worth it, mind.

From start to finish, this is just such an enjoyable experience that’ll put you in the best kind of mood no matter what else is going on. There are so many enthralling lyrics that beg questions, so many riffs that will add shine to your day and each and every song is full of brilliance in its own way. Nobody does soulful sounds like this quite as well as Jack Mercer and with this EP he’s really upped his game to a level that you or I would need at least a couple of ladders to help us get to. ‘Smoke Without Fire’ and ‘See You Soon’ are both once in a generation levels of genius, so to have them back to back on an EP feels like it must be a very, very special occasion.

I reckon I’ve listened to at least some of this EP every day for the last month. It’s the perfect thing to start off your day on a good foot, to get you through the working day and to relax with when you’re putting your feet up at night. Absolute quality from start to finish, I love this so, so much.


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