Luke Royalty – Stay Gold

Photo: Ryan Jones

I’m not entirely convinced that he’s actually a member of any royal family or anything, but Luke Royalty is still worth his weight in Crown Jewels. That’s got to be pretty expensive, like ‘I can definitely afford that nice fish tank I saw’ levels of money. Right?

The Darlington-based singer songwriter is already on a powerful trajectory and is picking up fans in all the right places. And he’s going down well in my cheap IKEA armchair too. The chorus is really what makes this so irresistible, with a simplistic but catchy refrain that feels harder to get out of than the aforementioned armchair after a particularly big feast. With all kinds of jazz, pop and hip-hop tropes in the mix, this is a real kind of bliss that’s perfect for a big summer weekend or two.

If you stay gold, then you ain’t got to get gold. What do you mean ‘nothing will ever stay gold’, Luke? We need a word…


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