SYBS – Llygaid

As someone with a VERY proud Welsh half of this family, I’m ashamed to admit my knowledge of the language extends to perhaps ten words or phrases. So while I may not know exactly what SYBS are saying, I do know that I very much enjoyed listening to this.

It’s like listening to a Welsh version of Parquet Courts, with just a tad less aggression. There are old school song tropes to be found throughout and yet it still sounds thoroughly modern, or even perhaps like a late ‘90s fiery anti-everything anthem. Having spent the last few years really honing their slacker craft, they feel laid back enough now to definitely be the cool kids in a classic teen movie.

Once again, I’m very sorry to my Mamgu and the rest of the Welsh side of the family for letting you down with the language. But I hope that writing about bright young Welsh talent like this makes up for it, just a little bit.


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