pizzagirl – sugar ray

Photo: Kate Davies

I recently posted a photo of a pizza with thin slices of potato on it online and was met with so many questions that I had a brief moment of knowing what it must be like to work for one of these pizza delivery services where you aren’t paid enough and are expected to know anything. But that’s beside the point, pizzagirl has another great song out so we should probably be talking about that.

Despite the title, this isn’t an ode to the great boxer. Instead, it’s a little pop gem that feels nice and lo-fi without any sense of pretentiousness. If you’ve heard this chap before then you’ll know exactly what to expect, and this is a really positive sign for his softcore mourn album which is imminent. There’s as big a drop as you can get in something this laid back and the second half of the track knocks things up a fair few notches.

Anyway, is potato on a pizza really that bad? It was sliced like pepperoni if that helps, really nice and crisp like. Delicious, if you ask me.


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