lostboy – Self(ish)

Photo: Iwan Lloyd

What is the self? Is it merely our physical representation of who we are, or does it extend to the impact we have on others and the world around us? Is it something that can be controlled or is it all pre-determined? One to ponder while you listen to this cut from lostboy’s new EP. Or not, you might actually just want to enjoy the music – Can you imagine???

This powerful apology feels deeply personal, as if there’s one listener out there who it’s going to mean a hell of a lot more to than just me as I half watch two pigeons fighting on the wall outside my window. It really goes big and you’d be a fool to think this wouldn’t absolutely GO OFF in a festival field whenever we can all get back to it.

Really powerful, even more than that drill you were thinking of buying for Father’s Day. This is cracking.


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