Spud Cannon – Lovely

Photo: Juan C. Quimper

If you name a song ‘Lovely’ you’re already setting yourself a pretty high bar, with anything other than something totally charming set to be seen as an understatement. Luckily for Spud Cannon, this latest release is indeed rather… Oh, what’s the word?

The LA-based band do plenty of things right with this one, keeping the sounds nice and light – with a jaunty bassline throughout a particular highlight. The vocals and harmonies are also a real joy to behold, with that chorus sounding sweeter than stuffing a whole bag of sherbet into your mouth in one fell swoop. And when the horns hit, everything just goes up to the next floor – where all the bosses sit, as they become mesmerised by this captivating little ditty.

From the very get go, this song really is nothing but lovely – so at the very least, you have to give the band credit for fulfilling the brief.


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