Peacock Method – I Don’t Mind

I’m sure there are some funny/interesting facts about peacocks out there, if memory serves correct the females are called peahens. Not that I’m saying that’s particularly funny or interesting, just that I’m now too far in to add some random peacock facts rather than writing about how fun this song from Peacock Method is.

That very first sound is a delight, before the bass really gets into a groove that’ll get you going no matter the time of day. Once the guitars enter, you’re getting a full funky experience – and yet something in the vocal delivery keeps it away from being a complete funk track, with a far too sombre approach for George Clinton’s vibe resulting in this weird funk-indie cross that feels like it has been created by an expert breeder, whether the demand for it is there or not.

The new Manchester-based band have already shown some early signs of promise here and it’ll be worthy listening out to see what the next one sounds like. Turns out a family of peafowl is called a ‘bevy’. Which is fun enough, right?


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