Soda Blonde – Holy Roses

Holy Roses, Batman! This new one from Soda Blonde is gooooooooood. I mean, not just good but something really special and more worthy of your attention than a cute kitten sat in a pair of brogues nibbling away at the laces.

Maybe it’s something in the space that’s left by the seemingly never-ending guitar riff repetition that makes this so addictive, even when the chorus packs things out more there’s still a sense of space for your mind to drift into – allowing you to feel that this brilliant music is being made all around you. Faye O’Rourke’s voice switches effortlessly between the mellow verses and powerful choruses, leading the charge each time for the rest of the band to bring it all home.

An absolute gem, this is a fascinating song and one that you’ll need to tell your pals about so you can feel like the trendy one.


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