Endearments – Left Side

Photo: Rita Iovine

Karl Marx, Ryan Giggs, Ant McPartlin and now Endearments, there’s a hearty list of people who’ve done well for themselves on the left side out there. Is this song a tribute to them? No, but the title did give me enough for a ridiculous opening line. Sorry to any non-British readers who might not get a couple of those silly references…

There’s something almost orchestral about the way this one layers up, with each instrument filling a different part of the space and building a texture filled with thicker low notes, sparkly high synths and vocals effect that make it sound like a choir are singing each last syllable. It’s really artistic in a way, all so intricately detailed and crafted to perfection.

An incredibly enjoyable listen, for a debut track this shows a hell of a lot of promise and I can’t wait to hear what comes next.


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