These Guy – Idle Hands

The grammatical incorrectness of the band name These Guy absolutely drives me mad. But that’s definitely more of a me problem, and not one worth worrying about once you actually press play on this swaggering release from the Brisbane-based outfit.

Much work for idle hands (is that the phrase? I don’t think it is? I’ll look it up later. (I won’t.)), they manage to make it feel like they’re barely playing anything at all with this slow paced gem. In less of a rush than those days when you really don’t want to get out of bed, they’re laid back enough that you’d fancy your chances trying that magic trick that makes it look like they’re floating. Honestly, this track is so dreamy and fresh that I almost keep forgetting that I’m listening to it – this just absolutely has to be fat free.

Beautifully set up, it really does slow your pulse right down and let a wash of calm cone right over you. I can’t even remember why I had such a big problem with their band name any more…


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