Tim Atlas – Courtside

Photo: Maya Fuhr

It’s been a long time since any of us have been able to sit courtside at anything other than the most entry-level of events. Even then, you’d probably still end up in the second row behind the tallest guy at the whole event. Still, THIS kind of ‘Courtside’ from Tim Atlas is an enjoyable experience you can get into no matter the heights of those around you.

Made for those long, lounging summer days, this laid back approach makes for incredibly pleasant listening that can put any nerves at ease. The LA-based musician has a way of really capturing the essence of cool that means you don’t bat an eye at the casual trumpet usage and it’s easy to find yourself forgetting where the past few minutes went as you were simply lost in a dream.

Light to the touch, maybe it’s worth Mr Atlas embarking on the Charles Atlas course for fitness or whatever it was so that he doesn’t float away in a strong breeze.


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