The A.V. Club – Better Days

Now this is a proper three minute little pop song, filled with all kinds of clichés in both the lyrics and the music – a sound that you’ve heard several times before, and yet still just can’t get enough of. Maybe during their after school sessions The A.V. Club have been watching classic pop videos for inspiration. Whatever they do with their time, it’s certainly all been worth it.

The Warrington band have certain conic similarities to SPINN, in that the base of everything is a paint by numbers pop song and yet they’re still able to make something that’s genuinely interesting to listen to. Plus, if this doesn’t put a little pep in your step then it might be time to admit music just isn’t for you. It’s so happy and uplifting, with a message that we could all do with listening to right now – better days are coming, and I don’t just mean the fact that it’s a Friday tomorrow.

Top quality stuff this. Not too taxing, but exactly the kind of thing you need as a morning motivator to start the day off right. Even if you’re only waking up at 11am.


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