FUR – The Fine Line Of A Quiet Life

Photo: Julia Nala

With a title that could be one of Oscar Wilde’s hidden classic and a sound that could have been Julian Casablancas on a particularly sunny day, FUR are back with a stupid little video of them on a bus that looks like an incredibly fun day out. Can you imagine if a band in this day and age took a bus full of fans away with them for the day to, I don’t know, Margate? Seems utterly infeasible…

This is honestly so much of The Strokes that they might as well be asking listeners to give them a furry stroke, though I’m not sure how appropriate that would be. The whole thing is a nice running track that harks back even further to a Marc Bolan era with some actually good era Bob Dylan-esque vocal sounds thrown in for good measure. What I’d give for a day out boozing on a bus. Or anywhere, actually. The video and song match up in equal measure when it comes to just plan fun, which is all we can really ask for.

Does the finest line indeed lead to a quiet life? Or does it actually result in a three day bender when you can’t remember a thing and somehow wake up married to a traffic cone? Food for thought, anyway.


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