Lauran Hibberd – Bleugh

She’s done it again, you know. Without being able to explain it any better than this, Lauran Hibberd has written her most Lauran Hibberd track yet and I can’t think of anyone else who would be able to do this quite as well.

That mix between her Hampshire-proud talking voice and that American twang when she’s in full flow is a bizarre contrast that not many others could pull off, and yet it seems just right here. It’s a shame to hear nobody is getting a dog, as they’re great, but it sounds like the kind of relationship detailed here wouldn’t be fair to bring a precious little creature into. That delivery should have Hibberd in the pop punk halls of fame some time soon if she keeps going at this rate.

And really, how many other artists do you know that could just end a track with a ‘Bleugh’ noise and have you thinking that it was probably the best way to sign off? Go check out the whole Goober EP. It’s great. Bleugh.


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