Wynona – Get Back To Myself

I know she was fantastic in Stranger Things, but I’ve always found it hard to forget her performance in The Crucible because we had to watch it at school and… Oh, not that one? Right.

THIS Wynona started off in a studio flat in Osaka, half the world away from her UK home. Despite the homesickness, she’s out together a fantastic guitar driven pop song that feels straight out of St Vincent’s hidden locker filled with absolute bangers. Ticking more boxes than the council’s leading jobsworth stat collector, this is right in every single way from start to finish – with inescapably good guitars and a perfect vocal delivery that highlights a real knack for storytelling.

More enrapturing than even the best performances one of Hollywood’s finest actors could muster, I’d happily sit and listen to this kind of monologue any day. Absolutely brilliant.


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