Motel Carnation – Deja Vu (Caught Up)

Photo: Sophie Robson

I remember the first time I listened to AM. Anyway, here’s Motel Carnation whose sleazy indie goodness has a filthy quality to it that makes me really think I’d be unable to resist it at the end of a particularly boozy Friday night.

The band have spread their wings from Newcastle and headed out across the UK before… you know. It’s easy to imagine just how well this could go down at a festival, with the only exception being the stripped back section which you’d struggle to get heard over crowds that are likely to be going wild. God, remember crowds? Anyway, the crowning glory in this one is when they really let go in the final third of the track and you really get to hear the full intention of their notoriously indie plans.

A banger, no doubt. See you on a sticky dancefloor somewhere so we can go lose our minds to this?


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