Tayls – Have You Ever?

Photo: Jake Mathews

With a track name that sounds like it could have been a game played at a party by teenagers who didn’t quite know what they were doing and hadn’t learnt how to drink yet, this latest track from Tayls opens with a cracking little a capella intro that sets you up perfectly for what’s to come.

This is a classic kind of pop tune with a bit of edge, hitting all the marks you’d hope to hear in an uplifting song that every time it comes on the radio you turn to whoever you’re with and say something like ‘oh I really like this one’. It’s made for joining in with and the group vocals belting out the title are hard to resist from getting involved with.

There’s plenty I’ve done in this life, and plenty I haven’t. If only they’d get around to finishing the question, then I’d know what they’re trying to ask.


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