Ski Lift – Teenager

Photo: Cameron JL West

The concept of those poles that went between your legs as you were dragged up a mountain were never the most appealing thing to me. Or even in those chairs, when I went skiing I struggled to get out properly at the end without falling over. But THIS kind of Ski Lift? I like it a lot.

Easier to get into than a book that only uses words that are five letters or less, the London-based band know exactly what to do to make their music have a universal appeal. There’s no trickiness or trying to be too clever, this is just pleasant music to listen too with an uplifting vibe and nothing but positive energy dripping out of it.

You’ll know pretty much straight away if you’re going to be into this or not, and for those of you that don’t enjoy it it might be worth a look in the mirror to see if you can remember when you last actually had fun.


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