Warriors Of The Dystotheque – Lost In Your Silence

Silence is the most powerful tool in the world, surely. If you’re ever trying to win an argument with me then the silent treatment is definitely the best way to go. And in music a silence can scream more than a thousand notes, as Warriors Of The Dystotheque demonstrate in the pauses in this beautiful jazzy number.

The cross-Atlantic band enlist Lydia Kaye’s stunning voice for this number, while combining old school jazz sounds with an array of electronic sounds to create an atmosphere so deep you’d struggle to reach the bottom even on your tiptoes. As the track builds it’s certainly easy to get lost in the waves of sound that echo around the space, seemingly unrelenting in their mission to get you attached to the music.

Perhaps it’s the rhythm of the drums that I’m most attracted too, though there are so many wonderful little flourishes in this for me to list them all without it growing into an obsession.


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