WAHL – Split

The Banana Splits is a show that I still have some oddly specific memories of, despite the fact I’m sure it was broadcast years before I was born. Flashing back to watching shows like that and It’s A Knockout while my parents had friends over when I was a kid. Oh, you’re still here? Great. Here’s the return of the brilliant WAHL with something equally reminiscent of great memories.

Rachel Still and Kayleigh Cheer have done their stints in other bands, both of their own and supporting others, before settling on this new moniker for the pair of them which plays to both their strengths perfectly. Filled with plenty of throwback sounds to a bygone era of songwriting, the highs and lows keep your brain guessing and Still’s vocals are so drenched in emotion that you’ll probably need a couple of towels to really clean them off.

The start of something new which will be worth keeping an ear out for, this sort of thing would make for a great night out in a dingy basement gig venue. Remember those?


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