Cathy Jain – cool kid

Time for a trip down to the local arcade, to go play on some of those retro game machines for an hour or so until you run out of coins. Then you might as well sit with your feet dangling over the river, with this debut single from Cathy Jain in your ears making you feel at ease.

She’s 17, seventeen, and yet already has a better grasp of making music people want to hear than every thirty-something still desperately trying to reinvent themselves and waiting for their ‘big break’. It’s pure pop bliss to listen to, with a kind of chilled Thundercat vibe (minus the insane bass) that makes it perfect for listening to when you just want to be doing nothing and thinking about even less.

Such a promising first outing and hopefully there are plenty more dreamy pop gems yet to come. 17. All I was doing at that age was growing my hair far too long and obsessively wearing a terrible hat. No, seriously.


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