Rosie Carney – Party Dress

What kind of level of dress is most appropriate when you don’t quite know how fancy a party it is you’re going to? I suppose most people would just ask, but I’d be too shy for that and would probably plump with something that looked overall somewhat smart but not too fancy. Anyway, Rosie Carney is putting on her Party Dress for a very different reason.

This slow, patient ballad has a deeply personal air to it and discusses how likely we are to try and lie to ourselves to try and hide any sense of reality. Carney’s delivery throughout is breathy and racked with emotion, with each word being delivered openly and with real meaning. The accompanying guitar sets a tender mood for the emotions to really drip out into the page as the story unwinds.

One for anyone who is out there doing their best and sometimes feels it isn’t enough. That’s all you can do and you’re doing a great job of keeping it together, even when you feel like you’re falling apart.


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