Someone – Paris At Midnight

I’ve been awake in Rome at 5am, wandering around Amsterdam between 11pm and 1am but I’m fairly confident I’ve never been awake in Par… Right, sorry, that is pretty naff. Unlike this new one from Someone which has a beautiful jazzy edge to it that absolutely captures my heart.

Sounding like a band performing modestly in a square surrounded by restaurants where people enjoy their meal as they first half listen in before being totally distracted by the stunning sounds they hear. So calm and considered, this is delightfully smooth right through like a fancy dessert and Tessa Rose Jackson’s voice is the perfect tonic for all kind of worries. You’ll have finished your crème brûlée long before you finish thinking about that beautiful music you heard.

Tailor-made for dreaming of futures that might once be and pasts that never quite were, this is escapism at its finest.


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