Freya Beer – The Calm Before The Storm

I can’t wait for that Sparks film that’s coming out soon. They’re such a fascinating band with a unique energy that has inspired so many. In the voice of Freya Beer you can hear that kind of chaotic vibe of the brothers Mael, as she stands out from the norm with a voice that’s made for the main stage.

The music behind her is almost reminiscent of Sparks’ collaborators Franz Ferdinand, with that gain turned up just a bit further to really fuzz things up. This song is almost poetic literature in its delivery, with a soft angelic voice floating well above the absolute carnage created by the rest of the band absolutely going full pelt like a bus that can’t slow down.

Perhaps the vocals are meant to represent the calm and the music is the storm. I mean, it’s not that, but I needed another line to end this review with. This music is very good. Very good.


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