Endearments – Anica

Photo: Rita Iovine

More dreamy pop music straight outta Brooklyn from Endearments here, with a track fuelled by a love for the finer pop sounds of the ‘80s and perfectly set for more than just a casual shimmy.

You’re really going to want to work those hips with this one and if, like me, you’re working with some real junk in the trunk then you’d better be letting it loose to really show what it can do. The soft vocals from Kevin Marksson are perfectly delivered, they feel honest and true and cut through lightly above the sparkling indie sounds to really drive the song’s message and wants home.

This song could have been written nearly 40 years ago and featured in a hit movie. It’s got such a pleasant energy that fits the old school three minute pop song box more snugly than a particularly furry cat into a shoebox that I only took my eye off for two seconds.


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