Jxst J – Pets

Bedroom pop is a joy to listen to. It never feels over produced and you’re usually left with something that sounds super direct from the artist to you, like you’re both laying on the floor after a strange night of insane events and someone like Jxst J asks if you want to listen to something he’s been working on.

Of course, you think it sounds brilliant – you almost have to – but actually this one stays with you as you go back to your regular daily business. The slow, meandering focus slipping into your daydreams and helping keep your head in the clouds when it could be doing something far more useful. But who needs to be productive anyway when you can be spacing out with music like this that drags you out by the collars from a normal life into a chilled fantasy where time is lost and all that there is in the world is music.

What a world. Imagine no responsibilities and just being able to chill out to some stunning indie pop from NYC all day. Actually, I think I just might.


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