Rowan – Nothing’s Gonna Change

Not exactly the most optimistic vision of what lies ahead in the title, Rowan are back with another single that’s straight out of Julian Casablancas’s playbook. And, I mean, there’s a reason why The Strokes have always been so successful. It bangs every time.

The indie trio inject a much needed sense of urgency and really hit those ‘anthem’ vibes with the power behind this one. While the message may not be positive, it’s definitely a realistic sense of where things are at after a year of constant knockbacks and dodgy dealings. But anyway, at least we all have top quality indie music like this to dance about wildly to and really let loose even if it is 7am on a Wednesday – though fortunately nobody else seems to be in, so there’s no danger of getting caught letting go in your pants.

That doesn’t sound quite right does it? I must remember to come back and change it. Anyway, banging track this.


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