Aubrey Haddard – National Tragedy

In a present where the next ‘National Tragedy‘ seems to only ever be a matter of days away, Aubrey Haddard putting out a soulful banger that pleas for someone to turn it all off so that there’s some respite from the constant stream of bad news and heartache happening seemingly non-stop around the world.

It’s at times like this when really immersing yourself in music can be a great escape from it all, and Haddard puts so much emotion and effort into this cinematic stunner that if it weren’t for her message you’d be able to really switch off from absolutely everything else. But then, if we do turn it all off then how do we get ourselves to stop making the same mistakes over and over? That’s probably a question for another time, and a better writer, though I do know though there have been very few – if any – more touching songs released this year that really speak to the heart of those who are fed up of the constant doom and gloom and would much rather be watching news about puppies getting adopted and immediately becoming friends with ducklings.

There’s a harsh world out there that we all want to turn off sometimes, but nobody has put it quite so eloquently and to such beautiful music as this.


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