Sacramento – Fooding

I’ve not really come across the word fooding before, but it would appear to be using the concept of food in a verb format (to food, I food, he/she/they food) and I’m all for it. Rather than saying eating or relying on boring real words, why don’t we all just food all day every day? So thank you to Sacramento for updating the lexicon and bringing new just to my ea… fooding.

The ‘Italian dreamboat’ (his words, see Spotify) had teamed up with chickpee for this dreamy little runner that keeps things chill as they discuss their latest fooding and whether or not sharing food is appropriate. No, really. This isn’t just one of my bad jokes, the song is actually about sharing food. Fantastic. Sounding like elevated elevator music, the casualness of it all shows there’s a lack of seriousness here and yet the music itself is still really well put together and would make for the perfect soundtrack to lounging around in the sunshine while someone else prepares your next fooding.

Here’s hoping the word catches on, otherwise I’m going to start looking pretty foolish every time I speak to anyone else and ask them ‘Did you food today?’ or something equally nonsensical. A great song, and a great addition to the English language.


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