Charli Adams – Seventeen Again (ft. Novo Amor)

Photo: Ed Tullet

What I’d give to be seventeen again. Sure, I wouldn’t be able to drink in a pub and at that age I made some VERY questionable decisions – but then maybe second time around it would be different and I’d be a bit smarter. Probably not mind, but at least I’d be able to tell people in the future that Charli Adams is going to exist and be brilliant. Which would be nice.

The indie genius has teamed up with Welsh artist Novo Amor for this latest single which sees them pulling away at your heartstrings as if they were jungle vines just waiting to be swung on by the nearest half man, half ape who strolls on by. This song is all down to Adams’ inability to stay in one place for too long, always wanting to explore and discovering more of the world by constantly adapting to new homes in different cities. It’s ideal music for that slow dance at a party when you’re either ready to get deeply emotional with someone you truly care for, or you need to slow down a little because you can’t quite do the word as well as you could when you were seventeen and you’re pretty sure you’ve done some serious damage to your back – so leaning on someone else while you ‘dance’ it off is a medical essential.

This is truly touching and wrapped in emotional maturity well beyond any seventeen year old. And yet, perhaps they’re the perfect audience for this and you know full well that when you were a teenager at least one song made you cry. If not hundreds. That’s what great music does.


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