Granfalloon – Who You Are

Photo: Paul Samuel

To open a song by making the noise of a rooster and immediately following it up by asking ‘what’s wrong with you’ is a bold move, but somehow Granfalloon pulls it off without making listeners immediately start to slowly back away from him.

This patchwork of sounds and styles keeps you guessing where the next turn will take you, and yet by the time the chorus comes you’re still feeling chilled and are able to embrace who you are – even if that’s only at the artist’s direction. The project is the work of Manchester-based Richard Lomax, who brings folk sensibilities together with some indie pop vibes to make a track that’s filled with more characters than the opening episode of a new sci-fi series.

But there’s a positive message at the heart of this, which is worth clinging in to in these trying times. You’re doing great, sweetie. We’re all really proud of you.


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