mynameisleonidas – please don’t run

Sounding more like a threat than a jazzy little number, especially when you combine the track name with the artwork, you might be surprised at how non-threatening this bizarre track from the secretive mynameisleonidas is.

It’s like jazz on speed, with the guitar maybe blissing out in something a little more tranquil as it keeps things chilled while the rhythm section move so fast there could be a coyote chasing them by the end of the song. The whole thing is a bit of a blur, but if it isn’t the most pleasant blurry experience of your life then perhaps you need glasses. Or a hearing aid, I’m not really sure how that line was meant to work.

Anyway, the slacker vocals are the perfect cherry on the top for this delightful art of disorientation and honestly it’s all just so fascinating that I can’t believe you’d be able to stop after just the one listen. Maybe it’s a trap after all.


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