Josie Lockhart – If There’s A Heaven

Photo: Hannah Vaugh

If you like The War On Drugs and think ‘hmm, this could do with more sparkle’ then settle right in, Josie Lockhart has something that you’re really going to enjoy.

Somehow melding the worlds of long, meandering folk indie rambles with some synth edges filled to the very top of the glass with pop, this latest track from Austin-based Aaron Miller’s project is absolutely sensational and can clear your head of a funk even before you’ve started to digest what exactly it is you’re listening too. The only shame with this one is that it doesn’t keep going for an extra couple of minutes or so as the choreographed dance routine I’ve been working on while writing this feels somewhat incomplete still.

That’s probably more of a me problem though, I’ll let Mr Miller off because he has made something so good here that I’m already looking at how quickly I can get to Texas to go and bask in this music in person.


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