MCRAE – How To Start A Fire

Good evening class, and welcome to fire starting for beginners hosted by myself and Mr MCRAE. Please don’t be alarmed that he actually appears to be a four-piece indie band from Manchester, that’s just his style.

Rather than any tips on actually starting fires, he’s probably more likely to just blare out an indie banger at you. He does that sometimes, can you believe I’m the normal one? It’s surprising to get such loud, intense vocals shouting away in such a small room but there’s a real passion and energy to the delivery of each and every word that even those of you in the back row need to be sitting up and paying attention. If you like yourself some powerful indie music then you’ve come to the right place, this is going to really send your head spinning.

Oh, you still want to know how to start a fire? Go buy a lighter or something. What are you, a caveman?


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