Ponte Pilas – Treading Water

Is there a more valuable skill to have than the ability to tread water? Seems like it would get you out of plenty of jams at sea, plus it has quite a nice feeling to it and I’m pretty sure it’s god exercise. But then, Ponte Pilas aren’t so keen on the concept and make a pretty aurally sound argument.

If you’re stuck there on the spot, you’ve been going nowhere – unlike actual swimming – so I can see where the Berlin-based band, fronted by Scottish vocalist Calum Bolland are coming from. The way they prove this case is with a slow moving, blues-inspires number that hits harder than you’re meant to to book a shark on the nose to make it go away. It’s old school rock and roll with just a little updating, but with one of music’s core styles right at the heart of it all.

Measured and composed, this is a great way to win any argument. In fact, if I could make music this good I’m pretty sure I’d never lose a fight again in my life. That’s how it works, right?


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