Voka Gentle – Slow Joe

Photo: Hannah Sommer

In one of the most aptly named song titles of all time, Voka Gentle take their feet entirely off the accelerator for the first half of this one and let their vehicle roll ever so slowly down the slightest of inclines at a safe speed.

It’s very much a song of two halves though, with the speed kicking in halfway through as that slight incline turns into a hill and ‘Slow Joe’ wakes up with a start to find himself rapidly declining. Of course, I’m editorialising wildly. What they’ve done is just create a mesmerising piece of music that feels more tender than meat that has been slow cooked for the best part of the week and is essentially mush at this point. This makes for a fascinating five minutes of your life that is filled with creative genius that only few can muster.

Prepare to listen in with your mouth agape and your eyes not entirely sure where to look. Your ears will know where to listen though, so let them guide you towards this awfully endearing journey. Don’t forget to leave the handbrake off now.


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