English Teacher – Wallace

Religion and politics. Such safe topics, completely fine things to bring up in all kind of situation and absolutely nothing can go wrong. That’s the take from English Teacher at the start of their latest transfixing blinder. Probably one that won’t serve them too well in pubs up and down the country, but maybe a good laugh nonetheless.

This spiralling white-knuckle ride is split between a dogmatic vocal that preaches from atop a podium, spouting words that will have some nodding and others riled up – the perfect way to bring harmony – and a musical accompaniment that causes confusion before, er, a complete change. And then a change back, in a flip-flopping style usually best kept to politics.

Not often you get a little strings break in the middle of a song that then redefines the whole track. One of the most mesmerising songs you’ll hear, take a little time to really delve deep into this one and make up your own mind for a change.


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