Francobollo – Are You Content?

Am I content? Is this content? Well, it’s not exactly real journalism so content is probably the word. The brilliantly mad Francobollo are back with another hypnotic beauty that’s ready to rip your head clean off and add it to a coconut shy.

Yes, they’re making the same content joke with this that I’ve lazily used in the intro. But, the thing is, they can back it up with really messy, disorientating music to make your mind really question whether or not it’s actually content. This isn’t a listen for the faint-hearted, more a far out trip for those who really want to lose any sense of reality.

An absolute shambles in the very best sense, they don’t know if they’re coming or going but frankly if they’re going to loiter by the door for much longer I’ll have to close it because it’ll be rocketing the heating bill right up. What a bunch of glorious weirdos.


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