Fuzzy Sun – Fake It

Photo: Matthew Eachus

There’s long been the phrase ‘fake it until you make it’, encouraging people to act as if they’ve already made it successfully even though they’re just sat at home, hungover in their pants on a Wednesday morning. But then, there’s no faking having musical talent (unless you’re Milli Vanilli, one for the kids) so Fuzzy Sun might actually just be pretty good at this stuff.

The Manchester/Stockport-based band hit it hard with their first release of the year, going for the kind of anthem that can be heard right at the back of the room even if you’re in a rather big room. No, bigger than that one. It’s just as fuzzy as the band name suggests and in some ways shines brightly like the sun, so maybe this was the song they’ve been really building up to.

Whatever they’ve been thinking about, there’s a talent for putting together some fascinating indie goodness that’s so enjoyable I forgot to make any orgasm references.


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