Maple Glider – Friend

Photo: Bridgette Winten

The soft, welcoming vocals from Maple Glider – better known to her friends as Tori Zietsch – make for a calming influence that you’ve always been told you needed in your life and didn’t quite know what that meant. Until now.

With a steadiness that would make her a master at that sort of party game where you need to keep your cool, she presents a stunning aural tapestry that opens up a whole new world of measured, mellow beauty that’s a welcome escape from the rest of the noise. It feels such an intimidate performance every time you press play, with the emotion in Zietsch’s voice making for such pleasant listening.

Whatever she’s selling, I’ll be buying as much as I can fit in the boot of the car. This stuff is so good that I simply must have more of it. Addictive personality? Never.


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