swim school – anyway

Photo: Rory Barnes

Blending pop, fuzz and grunge better than even the most impressive bloke at a party who ‘really knows how to put a quality playlist together’, swim school are back doing the business and putting plenty of power and emotion into a three minute stomper.

With a debut EP on the way in August, the Edinburgh outfit are continuing to fire on all cylinders to a level that might have the neighbours peeking round their curtains to see what they’re missing. It’s that perfect kind of sound for an angsty morning rock out, with a focus on just how hard it can be to open up and be honest about who you are and where you’re at – even with yourself. It feels like an important track, and the message is undoubtedly key, so here’s hoping this gets into the heads of those who need it most.

The countdown starts now until 13th August when you’ll wake up, race down the stairs to unwrap making sense of it all and hopefully you won’t be disappointed to find a knock-off version instead. There’s bound to be nothing like the real thing.


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