jak lvr – Call It Love (If You Want To)

As you’ve been so good today, I’m going to get a song down from the top shelf in the cupboard out of the sweet tin as a treat. It doesn’t get much sweeter than jak lvr and his new single, approached with a coyness and insecurity that we’ve all felt at times when… Sorry, I haven’t given you your treat yet have I?

With bulging synth riffs to back him up, the beauty here is all in the vocal delivery and how the lyrics feel like a desperate plea from someone who doesn’t quite want to give away their own feelings. It’s casual, but in words only as the wealth of shimmering sounds show that this lad cares a great deal about what he’s doing and has put enough effort in to show that he truly does care after all.

Now settle down and listen in, you’ll not be having any more pop treats after this today or you won’t be able to sleep tonight. I know what you’re like.


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