Icarus Phoenix – All The Same

Photo: Jordan Carr

Imagine if Icarus had actually survived that brush with the sun and been reborn like a Phoenix. What a world we’d be living in, where stories that may not have been true to begin with have an even more fairytale-esque resolution. Anyway, here’s Icarus Phoenix with a very good song.

This is the project of Drew Danburry, a ‘barber, musician, filmmaker, skateboarder, and avid Magic the Gathering nerd’. Wonder how he finds time to do all that? Maybe your time would be better spent not reading nonsense like this. The track has a folky appeal to it that feels not too far removed from the likes of Kurt Vile, with an effortless swagger and drawl that attracts naturally.

So, what can you see? I can see a man who loves his music and who has a real knack for making it well, probably best we let him get on with it and see what he writes next.


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