Merpire – Village

Photo: Nick Mckk

They say it takes a village to hold on to you. Not in some ancient proverb or anything, but the opening line from Melbourne indie bandit Merpire from their latest single that’s an absolute little ripper.

Better known to those at home as Rhiannon Atkinson-Howatt, this is another musical talent in the mould of Julia Jacklin, Phoebe Bridgers et al who knows how to catch your attention with clever lyrics and powerful bursts of guitars that hit harder than when you accidentally put too much coffee in. This pops in all the right places, striking the balance between heart-wrenching ballad and indie anthem as if she were the creator of all things indie pop.

Definitely one to keep an eye on, there’s some absolute gold here and you’ll be wanting to check out everything else she’s ever written right about … now.


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